Box Hill Historical Society Publications

The following local history publications are available for online purchase.  The cost includes postage within Australia.  They are also available for collection, minus postage charges, at our Heritage Centre which is   is open on Tuesdays between 11.00 a.m. and 4.00 p.m.   
Please note that our Heritage Centre is closed until Tuesday 21st January 2020; online publication orders will however be processed from Tuesday 6th January.

The Society is very grateful to two authors who have donated copies of their books for resale by us.  They are Robert Green, who wrote the history of the pioneering Box Hill to Doncaster tramway, and Life Member Marjorie Morgan, co-author of Prelude to Heidelbergthe history of the Box Hill Artists Camp.  The Society itself has published many of its photographs in a 3-volume series; each volume is 84 pages, with an introduction and comments by Eleanor Finlay and Marjorie Morgan.