Guest Speaker: Our first speaker for 2018 will be our Treasurer, John Barnao. John’s talk tells the story of the decline of horses and their diminishing role in the theatres of modern warfare from the late 1880s, highlighting the vast losses during the Great War. As fuel-driven engines began to take over, particularly from the 1920s, horses jostled for space on roads. The competition with cars led to inevitable conflict. As time progressed horse-drawn trams and transport vehicles were becoming a thing of the past; apart from on racecourses, it seemed the horse’s days were numbered. Yet despite the tanks and new strategy of Blitzkrieg during WW2, the versatility of horses was demonstrated in military campaigns, especially during the German invasion of Russia. Today the horse lives on in the imagination – and the hero on horseback continues as the supreme symbol of valour and bravery.

This meeting will be held in Meeting Room 1, Box Hill Library, Whitehorse Road Box Hill – this venue is two doors east of the Town Hall.

Date: Sunday 18 February 2018
Time: 2pm
Cost: We ask a gold coin donation to help cover the cost of room hire.